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The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors performs or delegates tasks to keep the organization in smooth working order. It also continually embraces larger questions such as the direction of NCAMHP and current priorities of the membership. It researches and establishes linkages with other organizations working for similar causes. The Board also consists of liaisons with each of the committees.

The Education Committee
The Education Committee provides high quality, affordable, local professional education for mental health professionals. Up to four workshops and an annual conference are offered annually.

The Public Education Committee
The Public Education Committee works to inform the public about mental health treatment, treatment choices, and insurance benefits for mental health services. It strives to empower consumers by providing information from which they can make fully informed and appropriate choices for their own and their families' mental health needs.

The Ethics Committee
The ethics committee works to establish clear, understandable standards of care for mental health services. It is also working to establish protocols for responding to grievances brought forth by a consumer of mental health services about a member of NCAMHP. It's goal is to assist, to satisfactory resolution, all parties involved.

The Legislative Committee
The legislative committee works to keep the membership informed about current legislation affecting mental health care. It also provides suggestions on how members can respond to legislative issues that can potentially affect the field of mental health.

The Membership Committee
The Membership Committee keeps the membership informed of up-coming events via a telephone tree and maintains a current list of the membership.



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